Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving on

Brad at Nxamaseri

This is the start of the new blog. All the blogging to date was a very personal blog done during our time at Earth-Touch when we were living in Moremi Game Reserve. It was my sanity saving measure during times that were simultaneously the most personally trying and the most exciting, fulfilling and interesting.

Now that Brad and I are ‘on our own’ in the big wide world it has become increasingly clear to us that we need to get our heads out of the sands of Botswana where they are currently buried and get on with establishing a public profile. The continuation of this blog is an attempt to do this. This will still, however, remain largely a personal blog as this is really the only way I am comfortable writing.

Here is a little retrospective of the past 2 years.

At the end of 2010 we left Earth-Touch and shut the Moremi Camp. We were sad to leave both Earth-Touch and Moremi as both were home to us. However we had things to do and places to go and got on with doing it so had little time to mope around. When we left Earth-Touch the crocodile filming that we had pioneered in the Okavango Delta and that we had kept under the radar (so as to prevent a bun-fight while we were filming the Earth-Touch documentary) was just started to be heard about in the industry and it seemed that everybody wanted a piece of it. The crocodile documentary that we had been filming for Earth-Touch “Diving with Crocodiles” had been snapped up by the Smithsonian institute and was heading into the post production stages. We felt we could then open it up to interested production houses and got an incredible response.

As the crocodile diving season is short (only 2 months of the year) we had a limit as to what we could do so elected to go with BBC 2 and Spungold TV. We had made contact with an Australian scientist, Dr Adam Britton, and Spungold had suggested a presenter in the form of Ben Fogle, who, much to their horror, we had never heard of.

And so it was that June and July 2011 were taken up with this.

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