Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swimming with Crocodiles

The team

Interesting times were had and interesting people were present on this shoot.

Ben was delightful and very down to earth, despite his considerable celebrity status, of which we were completely oblivious until he had left Botswana.

Adam Britton, our unassuming scientist, turned out to be as tough as nails and, thank goddess, calm in the face of danger and unforeseen circumstances. He had an interesting trip. Within a minute of his being underwater for the first time we were confronted with a large panicked / angry / curious (still haven’t decided which yet) crocodile within a foot of his elbow. Thankfully he remained calm and emerged with all limbs intact. Had he been like most other mortals - who at the very least would have flailed around a bit when faced with the same situation - the outcome may not have been so happy. Very well done to him.

Adam and Brad

Adam had yet another interesting, and very possibly completely unique, experience on a following dive. We believe he can now be the only person on the planet to claim to have been taken for an underwater scuba ride by a crocodile. This was completely unintentional I must add, and was all in the name of science. It is amazing how much we learnt about crocodiles with him on this shoot, both from his experiences, the science we undertook and his incredible wealth of knowledge.

After filming at Nxamaseri, the crew (sadly apart from me – due to a whole host of circumstances) went off to Australia to film episode 2. Filming there went well and the programmes are due for release in February 2012. We look forward to seeing them.

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