Tuesday, May 19, 2009

17 April (Fri)

Heard lions roaring early on in the evening. Sounded like major politics happening in the pride. Generally had a very disturbed night, with all of us experiencing odd dreams. Frannette and I have finally become one. It has been getting to this stage for a while. It is the norm for us to be ‘Mom-in-Stereo’, often barking the same thing at the kids at exactly the same time, which they are completely used to. Now even my dreams coincide with hers.

I had a very disturbing dream about Keita being bitten by a puffadder and then becoming a puffadder, but because of the bite she was a very sick, hot, shriveled little adder. Frannette dreamed about Keita being a little rat, which she had to hold in her hands and protect from a pack of dogs that was trying to get her. I am quite used to Frannette having weird dreams. I am convinced that is how she manages to be so happy and easy-going. All the bad stuff is channeled out at night while she sleeps, leaving this happy soul to face the world, unlike the rest of us who regularly inflict our personality disorders on everyone else.

This rat dream makes a change from Frannette’s usual dream, which she has at least once a week, and which is some variation of lions eating members of our crew. A few days before I moved here I had a very vivid dream about lions trying to get into the tent where I was huddled with the kids, and some poor injured soul, bleeding profusely from his right hand, getting shooed away by me because he was smearing blood over the front of our tent and I was afraid it would attract and enrage the lions. Every time I think of this I think we should be more vigilant …

Keita awoke at 1 am saying that the monkeys were eating her. She barely slept after that and was up and bouncing at 4.45. Makes one wonder what was going on in the universe. We both kept a close eye on Keita all day.

Went out on a family game drive again this morning. The kids are getting used to these drives, and assume their favourite position in the vehicle. Their limit is about 2 hours before they get very bored and Keita starts hanging out of the vehicle to entertain herself. This morning, Keita fell asleep at 8 am, no doubt exhausted by all the energy directed at her during the night.

We spotted a vine snake in the tree next to the kids tree house. Reading up about it is a bit alarming. The are very poisonous but timid and back-fanged. This one has been sitting in the same spot all day so at least we are able to keep an eye on it. 

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