Monday, May 4, 2009

4 March (Wed)

Bucketed down all night. The heaviest rain I have experienced in ages. Even Brad was anxious and we lay awake for about an hour. Every now and then I heard a “hmm’ from him as the rain came down harder and harder for hours. Didn’t get much sleep. Camp was a swamp in the morning. Rio and Keita found frogs and chased them around, wading through the puddles and getting drenched.

Later that day I had one of those “never live it down” moments. Sitting on the long drop having a wee I see a wild dog walking past, about 30 metres from me. Very excited I run back to camp to grab a camera and some kids with the intention of getting a shot of all in frame together. There is a general flurry as all the bodies in camp start heading off in the direction of the long drop. Brad gets on the radio to Graham and tells him to stop everything and get here cos there are dogs. We march off en masse to the loo. When we get there we see 3 little impala head peering at us above the grass. There can be no doubt that there are no wild dogs in the area, and what I saw must have been an impala. Very embarrassing. Needless to say on our drive later I was not allowed to forget it, and every impala we pass, at least one person sniggers and says “oh look, there is a wild dog”. Ha ha.  

Worrying how I could have made such a mistake though. Don’t know whether to hope it is an eye thing or a brain thing. Rather hope I am going blind as opposed to senile.  

The rain set in from 5 o clock and didn’t stop all night. Brad brought me the large silver tub with masses of hot water and set up a kikoi screen and a hurricane lamp. I had the best bath of my entire life outside our tent. Was just getting dark, rain was falling and I could have stayed there forever. Couldn’t even get to dinner that night. Was clean and warm and had no inclination to venture out into the cold. It was the sweetest gesture from Brad and really what I need right now. Love Brad madly. 


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