Monday, May 4, 2009

28 Feb (Sat)

Had another visit by a hyena in the early hours of the morning. Clearly some have moved into the area and they have found the camp, so we can expect nightly visits, and we are going to have to be vigilant about what we leave lying around.

We woke up to a drama this morning. Frannette found Mouse (our baby squirrel) very lethargic and practically comatose this morning. It looked like he was breathing his last. We suspected cold or dehydration or both and gave him some sugar water. This seemed to perk him up a bit and he started moving a little more.

The day became increasingly awful. Keita had a huge hairy worm episode and screamed for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep. Brad and I were nitpicking Rio and this turned into a war between us that went on long into the night, and poor little Mouse died quietly at about 9.30. He was up and about at 8 pm, but was definitely not well and Frannette put him in her shirt for warmth and comfort. When we checked on him later he was dead. We all had a little cry and a snivel and felt very sad for the little thing. 

While Brad and I putting the kids to sleep we heard impalas snorting and quite a commotion outside. It turned out that wild dogs had eaten an impala a few hundred yards from our camp. 

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