Saturday, May 9, 2009

6 March (Fri)

Rained all night. Keita up at 4.45 again. Everyone grumpy this morning for some reason.  Cold and grey.

Nick, Amanda and Anthony left this morning which is sad for us. Rio was fighting with Anthony all morning so I am trying to see an upside to their leaving. My little man is taking strain. Keita gets on very well with Anthony and she may miss him, although generally Rio is enough company for her.

As the day goes on I start to feel more and more depressed. Don’t know whether to hope it is hormonal or not. Started with the fight with Brad a week ago about parenting and have been feeling very flat since, only really wanting to be in bed and asleep. Today I feel like I am in a real, pervasive depression, the likes of which I haven’t experienced since the mind-blowing Larium incident when I first came to Botswana 14 years ago. I feel utterly devoid of humour and completely unable to create or do anything. Hope it is a phase and passes soon.

My crap day is compounded by the fact that Keita was again munched by mozzies last night and has enormous red welts all over her face, arms and feet. She reacts terribly and itches for hours until she scratched a hole in herself which later leaves a scar. She looks terrible and this time in the bush has really taken a toll on her physically. 

We now have a resident vervet monkey. This is a large male who must have been kicked out of his troop. He doesn’t seem very old and looks to be in good condition. He has been hanging around close to camp since yesterday but so far hasn’t launched any raiding parties.


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