Monday, June 1, 2009

10 May (Sun)

Had hippos mating in the lagoon front of our tent at 1am. At breakfast this morning it turns out that the whole camp had been woken by them and everyone, once they had got over the initial shock of thinking there were lions tearing each other apart, had lay awake sniggering at the very odd noises emanating from the creatures. They make a gutteral roaring and bellowing that progresses into squeaks, pops and gurgles. They then fling themselves around in the water to create a great splashing. This went on for about an hour after which they settled down to a low rumbling, engine idling sound which was actually very soothing and comforting. Somehow the kids managed to sleep through the cacophony. Lovely evening.  

Keita has discovered her fanny. For the past few days I have frequently found her peering intently at it, legs akimbo, with a quizzical look on her face. She points it out with great glee saying “look mommy” and “what is it?” I told her it is her fanny and she burst into uproarious laughter. Clearly she finds it amusing.

Brad built Ozzy a great little play / training area with perches and flat areas to stand. It is lovely and he seems to like it. Ozzy is starting to walk around on his own which is so cute. He stomps around like a hunched old man. I am thinking that maybe he can be a free-range owl and just come home for food. This morning we found him at the base of the large green drum where his dish had been put so he could get warm. He must have jumped out, but this could be the first inkling of an urge to fly – unless he is just stupid or suicidal, which may be why he left the nest in the first place when he was a few days old and Joyce found him in a heap at the bottom.

Once again we went out last night to do a moon shot. Did the ususal walk to the swimming hole and the to Gnu Poo pan with Humphry and Frannette. Managed to tear a hole in my foot so eventually had to cut the walk short. Once again the kids went wild. Had a warm fuzzy moment in the vehicle on the drive back with Keita and Rio both snuggled in my lap. Didn’t last very long because Rio got a bit uncomfortable being the ‘cheese’ in the sandwich, but was lovely while it did. 

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