Monday, June 1, 2009

12 May (Tues)

Did a game drive and had a picnic at Jesse’s pools in the hope that the elephants would come down for a swim. They didn’t but it was great fun anyway. Saw the lions on the way back, all 12 together, looking thin. Both males with them for the first time in ages, just in time to poach whatever food the lionesses manage to catch. Must be quite a stress on them having to feed the 2 males and the 5 cubs.

I feel like I am in a hormone-induced hell. Don’t know what has happened but the past few days I feel like someone else is inhabiting my self. Have been ratty, bloated, sore, tired and irritable. Hoping to god I am not pregnant. Don’t feel pregnant but definitely something weird happening in my system. Not nice at all.

Starting to get really cold in the mornings and evenings and am loving the snuggling in the mornings with the kiddies. Keita wakes up to come into our bed every night now and she is very snuggly. She still has her armpit fetish and lies there purring and playing with armpit while sucking her thumb.

We are off to Maun tomorrow to have some meetings with PJ and the school. Slowly starting to lay the foundations for a life there. 

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