Monday, June 1, 2009

20 May (wed)

Humphry is also on a mission to eradicate every fly in our camp. He spent the morning alternately wielding a fly swatter and helping create the buffer zone around the camp. He maintains he is having an effect on the fly population but we all know that it will only be a short time before the flies return en masse. Nevertheless he continues. Very tenaciously. I think a good clean will have a far better effect so plan to hand pricka the bleach and a brush and get him to clean all the surfaces this afternoon.

Today is Frannette’s day off, so she is out filming with the crew. They stay out all day on principle so we don’t expect them back until after dark. Karen and I are holding the fort. Had an interesting session at school and decided that Wednesdays will be art days. Much easier. Then had a fight with Rio because he interrupted me putting Keita to sleep and woke her up after 40 minutes of trying. Then had a fight with Keita cos she wouldn’t go back to sleep so all in all felt like a crap mother. Slowly getting over it though.

Last night, trying to put Keita to sleep early so I could get to eat the very wonderful fish pie Karen had made for dinner at my special request I had the sweetest interaction with Keita. Rio had fallen asleep, I was holding Keita in my arms, trying to get her to fall asleep sooner and reading my book at the same time. I find that when I do this it keeps her still and allows her to sleep easier, so I was reading my book and trying to ignore her when I became aware of her little hand patting me on the face. “Mommy, is you ok?” she asked. “Yes Keet, I’m fine, how are you?”

“Fine. Why are you holding me?”

“So that you will go to sleep easier.”

“Oh, can you put me on the bed now please?”


My 2 year old going on 10.

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