Monday, June 1, 2009

25 May (Mon)

I pulled rank as befitting the Alpha female today so I could go out filming despite all the stuff that needed to be done. Once again we caught up with the lions close to the buffalos. I think I must be the Angel of Death for baby buffalos as once again the male lions managed to snag one. Was very pretty as they did their usual to-ing and fro-ing on the airstrip in a big cloud of dust which made for very good photos.

Soon after, while following the lioness following the buffalos through thick mopane we had a major mechanical meltdown. Something to do with the pinion and the diff. This caused much stress for Justine on other end of the skype line (she was simultaneously dealing with major electrical breakdown at nxamaseri) and much stress for me, as I was in the totally unenviable position of having to play go between for them on Skype in the process of ordering parts.

Eventually Brad and Jason hared off to Maun at 12.30, got a mechanic to assemble the part and arrived back at 8.30 pm. Must be some sort of record.  


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