Monday, June 1, 2009

17 May (Sun)

Back from Maun uneventfully. As usual Maun was a mad run-around of meetings and stuff. Think we did the deal with PJ on Buffalo Trails so we can get going soon on building and establishing a life. Now that it is happening of course I am beginning to dread getting into a mundane normal existence, although I know my perceptions currently are coloured by the fact that the Hamiltons are here, making life fabulous for all of us. I keep having to remind myself how different it is when Rio doesn’t have company and I am sure that once they leave I will be happy that our move to Maun is imminent.

Met up with Lesley McNutt in Maun. She had some interesting, encouraging things to say about raising kids in the bush. According to her, early childhood in the bush changes your perception of the world for life. Being the scientist that she is she claims it is scientifically proved fact that kids brought up in an environment where they actually use their senses and have the additional stimulation of exposure to the natural environment are better rounded, happier, better developed individuals.

On another note, I am now becoming convinced that I am heading down the long dark road to altzheimers. Starting to have large gaps in my mind, mid sentence. Sang Rio and Keita their usual good night Leonard Cohen songs, which I have been singing since Rio was born, and went blank twice on the lyrics.

She-who-is-eternally-thoughtful made a fabulous mothers day surprise for us. It was official mothers day last week but we were stuck in the bundu and couldn’t do anything good enough about it so we delayed it and then promptly all forgot, all that is, except Steppy-Netty who, with the kids, made very sweet cards and presented Karen and I with a kikoi each and a cappuccino. My card from each child had portrait of me, carefully drawn and two things that they loved about me. Keita’s was animals and armpits, and Rio’s was colouring and playing football and rugby with me. Ahhhhh

Brad shouted at Frannette for remembering mothers day when he had forgotten. She consistently shows him up.

We watched Slumdog Millionaire in a heap on the Lamu bed. Was very cosy. 

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