Saturday, June 13, 2009

27 May (Wed)

Yesterday was “Mission on a stream” day, as Keita later called it.

We took a boat out for the day along the permanent channels to the north. It was a double-decker one so the kids had a blast and most of the adults, apart from Brad, spend the time stressing about the ladder that the kids (specifically Keita) were climbing up and down while that boat was moving at speed.

Much fun was had by all, as is befitting a Mission on a Stream.

This morning a breeding herd of eles came past the camp. One large cow was standing up against the fence and was very relaxed. Brad took Keita and stood only a few metres in front of her and she didn’t seem to mind. Rio was too busy playing to be interested in a mere elephant, even one as close as she was.

Frannette and I went for a walk later, with Humphry driving behind us on animal watch with all the kids on the roof (apart from Keita) who sits on my shoulders. It was an interesting walk. First we had to dodge a very relaxed herd of elephants on the road (probably the same ones who had come through camp), then we had to dodge a loan buffalo charging around in a state of high anxiety, then we bumped into Grant and Daphne, who told us about 200 more eles a short distance down the drag. Barely felt as if I had had a walk at the end of it all. 

The weather is unseasonally hot and we have so many flies in camp that we had to eat dinner zipped up in the toy tent.  There are hundreds of thousands, despite Humphry’s attempts to eradicate them all. We are all looking forward to a big freeze to kill them all.

As the days are still so hot, Rio always ends up stark naked by noon. He starts off wrapped up in layers as the nights are cold, and gradually unpeels himself. Keita often does the same. It pleases me to see them so free and tanned and toned.


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