Tuesday, April 21, 2009

1 Feb (Sun)

“Mom, its laying a baby” calls Rio gleefully, having spotted a hairy worm that had just shed it’s skin. It goes directly into the bucket for removal from camp along with a millipede that we found in the kids play tent. A hideous yellow-legged long thing that can give a particularly nasty bite.

Our day proceeds as normal until we hear the film crew arrive back at 7.30. They have found the lions hunting a herd of buffalo close by and have come to fetch us to watch the action. Everyone runs around organizing and packing as one must when game driving with young kids. It is no longer a simple matter of upping and going. 30 mins later I stumble to the car under a load of 2 camera bags, one all purpose bag (extra clothes, sunscreen etc), one nappy bag and one food and beverages bag, just in case we get 4 flat tyres and have to camp out for a week.

The kids are excited to be out and practice talking on the radio to a good-humoured Jason while we drive. This can provide them with hours of entertainment and the glee on Rio’s face when he actually gets a reply over the airwaves is fabulous to see. Keita uses the radio as a phone by holding it to her ear and pretending to chat.

The lions and buffalos only hold the attention of the kids for so long, then they start to become loud and we have to move the car away from the other game drives. We toss the kids into the open back of the cruiser and let them climb around, using the rails as a jungle gym. Eventually Frannette and I tire of seeing the animals as small specks in the distance and we head back home. 

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