Tuesday, April 21, 2009

29 Jan (Thurs)

We awoke this morning to a collapsed camp. Very heavy rain during the night completely devastated our main living area and the weight of the water bent the support poles beyond repair. Brad is already at work rebuilding a better version. The one good thing is that we get to use the twisted and bent poles for a jungle gym for the kids.

Today was also the beginning of Project Worm Eradication. Every worm we see gets scooped up into a jar and dumped elsewhere in the national park when the film crews do their daily sortie. So far we seem to have gathered hundreds, and they keep coming…

In the afternoon the whole tribe sets off for a swim and to film a link with Brad. This is the first time we have endeavored to work with the family along. To their credit they behave as well as any nearly 2 and nearly 5 year old can. Our subject is a beautiful, relaxed ele bull who stands in a floodplain eating the wildflowers that proliferate at this time of year. The kids are quiet and Keita is riveted by the sight of such a large animal so close to her. She is wide eyed and whispers in excitement to Frannette. They manage to keep still enough for Brad to shoot a superb clip with many close ups and focus pulls. The audio will be a bit dodgy though, especially when the ele starts waving his willy around. Rio can’t resist a big burst of laughter and there is much sniggering and pointing. Keita, who has learnt what a willy is from the impressive red and blue ones on the ververt monkeys in Natal / Umdloti is in awe. I don’t think she believes it is a willy. Clearly she thinks this is a 5-legged elephant.  She has all this stuff to sort out in her mind. 

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