Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bush ablutions

Abluting in the bush is never a simple process, which of course is part of the joy of living here. Showering (optional on most days) involves heating water over a fire, carrying a bucket to a tree where a canvass bag is set up on a pulley system, filling the bag, raising it with the pulley (who needs gym) and enjoying the best shower in the world, often with elephants or giraffes in attendance Bathing is also possible, although one frequently spends most of the time beating off the mosquitos, so it is never as relaxing as it should be. For big people it is also generally not as private as it should be, so is seldom done.

Going to the loss is an experience and can often be the highlight of the day. Crew members have been known to meet lions, hippos, elephants, all manner of snakes and most often our resident “loo giraffe” who tends to hang out there. It can be a little disconcerting doing the deed while being peered at from the treetops.

Keita loves the whole process and has learnt to hang on tightly since coming alarmingly close to falling in on her first attempt.   

She finds the walk a little much though, particularly when wearing heels. This arrangement gives potty training a whole new dimension as getting there can take 10 minutes. 

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