Sunday, April 26, 2009

8 Feb (Sun)

The guys decide to install the water pump, for ease of living and of course so we can have our pool. This involves dredging a pool in which the pump can stand, which the macho ones gleefully do. They spend the morning up to their necks in the swamp hauling out handfuls of mud and emerge a few hours later filthy, ripped apart by the sword grass but in surprisingly good humour.

Pricka (The World’s Best Camp Hand) alerts us to the fact that our much-loved tortoises have escaped. Brad found what is possibly the world’s tiniest tortoise on the road to Maun so we gave her a happy, temporary home here. We built her a 1m x 1m wooden pen that we relocate daily so she could get fresh fodder and even found her a He to keep her company. Keita loved the tortoises and visited them every day for a kiss and a cuddle. She named them both Blah for reasons only known to herself.  

It seems we placed the square pen on uneven ground and there was a gap that they slowly excavated during the night and disappeared off into the wilds. We are bereft. 

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