Tuesday, April 28, 2009

22 Feb (Sun)

Brad is very anxious to get back to camp after a few days in Maun. As we are walking out our door a baby squirrel plummets out of the roof and lands at Brad’s feet. He debates putting it back in the roof where it came from but we know that Ma Joyce is about to launch a squirrel extermination so we would be sending it to it’s death. Clearly there is nothing to do but keep it, so we try and give him (we have now established that he is a him – not a difficult task with a squirrel) a drop of water and put him in a comfy box for the trip.

The trip is uneventful apart from the fact that Brad is driving, so a bit hair-raising. Find a couple from Orapa stuck in the mud. They have 2 young kids (3 and 2) and have been bogged down for two hours. They are very pleased to see us and Rio has a happy interlude with two new friends for all of 20 minutes.

Keita is convinced the squirrel is a mouse. No amount of explaining will convince her that it is anything but. The little guy is managing small amounts of soya formula (which is all we have) and seems ok so far.  

Emergency skype chats in the evening with Justine (expert raiser of baby things) inform us that she has chatted to everyone she knows who has raised a squirrel and what we need is Pro-Nutro for the baby. She has arranged to put some on a flight which is leaving to go to a nearby lodge the next morning, and we will go and collect it from there.   

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