Tuesday, April 21, 2009

30 Jan (Fri)

Thanks to Brad's diligence, the kids now have a jungle gym which they wasted no time getting familiar with. In the absence of a suitable tree I insisted on him building one. Being the A-type mom that I am I did not want my little savages  lacking in upper body strength or co-ordination. 

The office has instructed us, in no uncertain terms, to get it together and start filming some behind the scenes footage. I have been dreading this cos it means I have to pretend to be relatively together and sane and motherly and bush-goddess-like when actually I am a demented person. I wander around with a camera for a while, figuring it is better in my current state to be behind it rather than in front of it, but Keita seems a bit threatened by it and demands a hug every time she sees me wielding it.

A big storm blows over in the afternoon so we huddle in the tent watching DVD’s and I have a wonderful few hours with my book.

The kids are starting to settle in and the whining and niggling and clinging is diminishing. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to see how this can be such a brilliant place to raise kids for a while.

However, I am also now starting to feel the familiar sloth of the bush, caused by the heat and the confinement, and am finding that all I want to do is sit around and eat. Will have to haul myself out of this state asap before it becomes too difficult to do so.

I am inspired to take photos and have done much of it today, so much so that Keita starts hiding her face and telling me “Mom, stop photing me”. I can’t resist. They are going to start thinking that I have a large black protuberabce from the end of my face. Brad spent so much time filming Rio during the first few weeks of his life that I remember the look of confusion on his Rio’s face when he saw his dad without a camera to his eye. 

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